Bollywood calls First Assam Lyricist

Rajdweep’s dream journey starts with ‘A death in the gunj’ and ‘Jagga Jasoos’

By Partha Hazarika: What’s connection between Kangkana Sensharma’s debut film ‘A death in the gunj’ and Anurag Basu’s recent film ‘Jagga Jasoos’?

Really a tough question as both the films are poles apart. One is pathbreaking parallel indie-film and another one is big budget mainstream Bollywood masala film. But for Assam, a name connects both these different
films. The name is being Rajdweep, the popular lyricist-playwright of the region who has worked as lyricist for ‘A death in the gunj’ and ‘Jagga Jasoos’ as well. Eventually Rajdweep has been credited as First ever lyricist
of Assam who has penned songs for Bollywood. Yes, a new chapter of Assamese cultural scenario has been added with this dream journey of Rajdweep to biggest film industry of the country.

Inclusion of a full-length Assamese language song in any Bollywood movie seems to be impossible. But Rajdweep makes this possible and thus he reaches the dream-industry of every lyricist or writer. Transforming a long chased dream into reality, the young and dynamic lyricist, playwright of Assam has stepped into Bollywood. Rajdweep is the man behind the first ever complete Assamese language song in a Bollywood movie and thus the popular writer of Assam makes all of us proud.

One of the brilliant actors of Bollywood Kangkana Sensharma’s directorial debut movie ‘A death in the gunj’ not only garnered with lots of pride across the globe, but it brings glory for Assam too. Definitely, the reason has been our very own writer Rajdweep’s song ‘Jiri Jiri Noi, Hepahore Bukute’. The effort of Rajdweep for taking our language to a platform like this and featuring the complete Assamese song in a pathbreaking movie like ‘A death in the gunj’ is really something to be appreciated. The film, which has been screened in different film festivals
across the globe, is already being recognized as a new dimension for Bollywood films. His first step in Bollywood fetches him amazing experience as actors like Late Om Puri, Tanuja, Kalki Koelchin have acted in this movie.

But story doesn’t stop here; his next step in Bollywood is also now widely being celebrated among music-lovers. Why not? Who wouldn’t love to dance with the tune of a bihu that too in a Bollywood Film? And thus Anurag Basu’s film ‘Jagga Jasoos’ puts forward Rajdweep’s journey one step ahead. Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif starrer film ‘Jagga Jasoos’ has a beautiful bihu song, which has been penned beautifully by Rajdweep. The bihu ‘Lahe Lahe, Barhi Aahe’ gives the freshness to music-lovers across the country and this kind practice of cultural blending would definitely be taking Bollywood music to the next level.

Rajdweep started his career as a journalist in a reputed Assamese daily where he continues to work. He stepped into the field of entertainment as a lyricist and then into the field of mobile theatre as the youngest playwright soon. Meanwhile, he also put his mark on the big screen with the popular Assamese film ‘Khel- The Game’, for which he wrote the script, dialogues and the screenplay. In spite of being a newcomer in the industry, Rajdweep found a fare space in mobile theater despite the existing lobby system. He has written plays like ‘Boliya Krishna’, ‘Breaking News’, ‘Bonoriya’, ‘Akou Edin’ etc for various leading mobile theatre troupes. Rajdweep also has to his credit some of the most popular songs of the Assamese film industry, including ‘Pokhi Pokhi Mon Mur’, ‘Khuje Khuje Jibon’, ‘Bixakto Suma’, ‘Nonsense Hridoye’, ‘Likhi Likhi Gola’ etc. He has worked for films like ‘Rowd’, ‘Bahniman’, ‘ Raag’, ‘Dur’, ‘Nijaanor Gaan’, ‘Ahetuk’, ‘Deuka’, ‘Rum Vodka Whisky’, ‘Dooronir Nirola Poja’ etc.

After having a magical career in Assam both in films and mobile theatre, now Rajdweep’s step into Bollywood really makes all of us happy and hopeful. Expecting a lot from this young writer, we just want to say, Way to go boy, Best of Luck.


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