GMCH Surgeons Conducts Complex Liver Surgery

'Central Hepatectomy' performed by by Dr. Hiranmoy Das & Dr. M. Ahmed


Guwahati, 18th of September, 2019

The Department of Surgery, GMCH, Guwahati has been doing liver Cancer surgery/Liver Surgery since last couple of years with a successful track record. The surgeons of the Department have performed ‘Central Hepatectomy’, an extremely difficult liver surgery for liver cancer (probably for the first time in North-east India) in a 45 year female on 7th September recently. The operation was successful and the patient was discharged on 5th post operative day.

Cancer was located in segment 4 & 8 of the liver, which is in the middle of the liver, just above the vena cava (the main vein taking blood into heart) and aorta (the main artery taking blood out of heart). Only the central part of the liver along with the cancer was removed leaving the rest of the liver intact.

The operation was conducted by Dr. Hiranmoy Das, Asst. Professor of surgery and Dr. M. Ahmed, registrar of surgery along with PG residents. Anesthesia Team was lead by Dr. A. choudhury, Associate prof & Dr. S. Konwar, assistant professor, GMCH.


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