Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris 1st place winner of season 7 – Kunal Kaushik of Assam, India

Kunal Kaushik of Ethnicity Design House Collection at Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris is called “Looms of Assam” and it is a humble effort to show the world, the richness and beauty of the handwoven traditional fabrics especially Assam Silk. The beautiful and bright colors of Assam Silk has always been a source of inspiration and a great motivation for Designer Kunal Kaushik. The material and fabrics that are used in the collection is entirely hand woven and it takes more than 45 days to weave the fabric on the looms. The fabric is entirely handwoven by the women of the villages, before the garments are made. For the last 17 years Kunal Kaushik has has been trying to revive this age old tradition of weaving and empowering the women of the rural areas and modernize these fabrics to create a wider and a global market for it. This collection “Looms of Assam” is a rich tribute to the weavers of Kunal Kaushik’s home state Assam. He is happy and honored to have showcased this collection at The Prestigious Tiffany’s Fashion Week Paris.


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